accompanying change

There is no such thing as small change. When a company undergoes change of any kind, it can lead to a modification of it rules or values, your employees’ professional identity, or the balance of power. Change therefore can be perceived as a breach that has the potential to overwhelm your teams.

Changes in your internal organisation (reorganising services, merging/dividing entities, introducing new functions to an entity, transferring or externalising jobs, etc.).

Explain to your employees the ins and outs of the new organisation and maximise your team’s support for the change.
New policies and/or new processes (procurement, business travelling, activity reports, etc.).

Allow your employees to take ownership of the new “rules of the game”.
New tools (new IT systems, new production tools, etc.).

Help users adapt to the change in practice.
Change in working conditions (move, new safety rules, change in wages policy, etc.).

Provide reassurance about the ultimate benefits of the changes to working conditions.