internal communications

Several studies have outlined two main hurdles that companies face with regular internal communications: the priority given to operational objectives, and lack of time. We can help you to analyse what’s at stake in terms of communication, elaborate your internal communication strategy, and implement concrete and adapted action plans.

Communication of your company’s strategy.

Explain and mobilise your employees around a common project. Unite, motivate, and foster an increased sense of pride.
Implementation of your company’s projects.

Prepare specific communications plans to explain change, thereby increasing the chances of its success.
Roll-out of your company’s specific tools: seminars, newsletters, magazines, intranet, HR communication.

Create and deploy the specific tools and implement the communications channels necessary to relay the information and share the knowledge.
Implementation and facilitation of an internal communicators network.

Create an internal community able to activity participate in the spreading of your company’s communication.
Communication with your employee representative bodies.

Establish the basis for an open social dialogue.