Lacking inspiration on twitter?

When being the community manager of a company’s account, finding inspiration on twitter can sometimes be … inspirational. We’ll try helping you find that inspiration for companies we know best: industrials, which is fortunate as those types of companies are often reluctant in using that communications channel.

So, here are some hints that will show (or help you demonstrate) that ideas are multiple.


1. News or press releases: those are the most obvious … do not hesitate to RT mentions of you on those topics.

2. Job offers: they will demonstrate that the company is growing.

3. Customer or provider visits: a picture and a caption (ideally via his @twitteraccount) will suffice. Be careful though to ask ahead for his agreement, as some customers are not keen on revealing their providers’ identity.

4. Trade shows or conferences participation (with pictures).

5. A quote from the company’s spokespeople while they are participating in conferences or debates.

6. Products pictures or videos.

7. External publications with teasers such as:

“Want to know more on the metal lifecycle analysis? Download our Sustainability report”

“Discover our CEO exclusive interview @xxx in our annual report”

8. Your employees’ external initiatives: participation in local challenges or initiatives, sports accomplishments …

9. Focus on your products catalog by creating a link between Tweeter and your web site.

10. And of course, RT your customers or peers posts: on top of supporting them in their communications approach, you demonstrate your community that you are interested … and interesting.


Obviously, the bigger the company, the larger volume of tweets.

Our conviction is that the difference will not come from the number of tweets, but from your ability to post tweets that will be RT and that will demonstrate your intelligence in dealing with topics that are of interest for your audience…