Suggestion #1 for successful media relations – LIST AND PLAN

Congratulations, you are now ready to start doing media relations. But where to begin?


The very first step is to list all the topics, which could be worthy of interest for journalists working in special-interest media or the ones covering your specific sector, those dealing with broader and transversal subjects (such as HR or management), or even those who write features on your customers / providers / prospects:

> New contracts
> Activity development
> New products
> Partnerships
> Nominations
> Innovations
And do not forget your internal topics:
> New training program
> New HR policy in favor of handicapped workers
> New work organization
> Office move
> Etc.


The main objective of this inventory is to allow the journalists to progressively build up an image of your company.  The more complete the information you will provide, the more accurate the image of your company will be.


The second step following the completion of this list is to plan. Planning is essential, as it will allow you to position each announcement on a calendar and, consequently, ensure a continuous flow of communication. Keep in mind that, unless your company is well known, the journalists will evaluate the permanence of your approach before relaying your information.


You have now one week to put in practice this first suggestion, just the right time before our suggestion #2 – DOCUMENT.