Suggestion #3 for successful media relations – TO TARGET

You’re there, you have now entered the world of media relations and this suggestion #3 will plunge you even deeper as we are now dealing with the core of any media relations campaign: the media list and its targeting!

1-The media list

You are reading the media on a regular basis and have identified some journalists who could be interested in your topics and some publications in which you would like to get articles.

You now need to constitute your media list. Tritely, the media list is created on an Excel sheet, in which you will indicate for each journalist his/her preferred topics, telephone number, e-mail and postal address.

You may consider several options to gather that information:

In each publication, you will find the masthead, a printed list of its owners, departments, officers and address details. Often, this masthead will contain each of these persons contact details. Otherwise, you may call the editorial board assistant.

You may also buy media lists online on various websites. Be careful though and check if the lists are regularly updated and if you will be able to segment them according to your needs.

Finally, you can purchase the media relations bible: the Mediasig (which you buy on the Documentation française website). With a modest investment (around 45€), you will access all contact details of all Section editors of all publications as well as those of the press agencies, public institutions, ministries, etc.

You will just need to collect all these information in your file and … Bob’s your uncle!

2- Targeting

As we already mentioned in a previous article, we do not recommend sending all your announcements to all your contacts. One may privilege quality to quantity. That’s what we call in media relations jargon: qualifying a media list. What is it? Very simply, for each announcement, you need to segment your list in order to keep exclusively the journalists that may be potentially interested in your piece of news. Doing so, you avoid flooding journalists who are already very busy with subjects they are not dealing with and, you bring to the right journalists the type of information s/he is looking for to feed her/his columns.

Next week, our suggestion #4 – THE RIGHT TOOL!